Where can I find traffic statistics?

We offer live traffic statistics. Go to your account, click "Advertisers", then click "Statistics". Go to your account, click Advertisers then Statistics. Statistics can be viewed in real-time reports grouped by the hour, day, week, month or year.

Is it possible to use iFrame Banners?

If you are running an Ad-Server it is possible to work HTML Banners in our system. Please note that the payment has to be switched to CPM when you are using iFrame Banners.

How can I transfer money?

WE currently accepts paypal and check. Also accept major credit cards.

What is Advertisers?

As Advertiser, you pay for clicks, impressions and/or days. You can submit your ads to the system and exactly set the days and hours when each of your ads should be displayed. You can also set how many clicks, impressions or days should be used by individual ads, even can set Maximum number of clicks or impressions per day.

What is Publishers?

You become our partner. As partner, youdisplay ads on your websites/blogs/social networks pages for money. These are called "publishing places". Each publisher can have one or more places. The system is able to track hits only from the exact URL approved by admin or from the whole domain or from any place on the Net - Publishers paid once a month.

Why is my ad not live?

It can be because of several reasons. 1. Your funds have not been received yet. 2. Recently made edits to the ad have the be approved before it can go live, and they have not been approved yet. 3. If the ad has been purchased for a specific site, the publisher site will have to approve it before it can go live.

How do I edit an ad?

You can edit, pause or delete you ads at any time. Go to your account and simply click on Edit Tab under Advertisements

How do I paste the code?

To retrieve a copy of the ad code within your account, please follow these steps: 1. Log into your account 2. Select the "publishers" tab 3. Click the "My Websites" link 4. Click "View AdSpaces" 5. Click on the Name of your AdSpace 6. Take the Code in the Box "Ad-Code" and copy it into your Website

How will I be notified when I have an ad to approve?

You will be notified by email that an ad has been submitted and is pending your approval.

Is there a minimum amount I have to earn before receiving my payment?

Yes, the minimum amount is $50.

Where should I place my ads?

We recommend that you place ads on areas on your site that will be most visible and useful for your users. Placing your ads in these areas will often result in the best performance for your advertisers, and strong performance from the ads on your site will encourage advertisers to buy more ads there.

Can Advertisers and publishers refer new users and earn money?

You refer an advertiser, you earn a 6 percentage from the money paid by this advertiser. The amount is added to account of the referring user in the moment when an order has been marked as paid. When you refer a publisher,you earn a 6 percentage from the amount which this publisher earned. The amount is added to the account of the referring user at the end of each payment period. For example if the period is 1 month, it happens on the first day of next month.

Where to make video or GIF banner?

http://gifmaker.me/ you can use

Whats to cost to advertise?

Its lowest in industry $1 for 1000 impressions $1 for 100 clicks $1 for 30 days

Whats the profit for publishers?

Publishers earn 60% of our revenue
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