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Earn Money from Your Website!

Join our publisher partnership program and start earning from your web sites right from today. Ad Network Publishers are our advertising partners who display our advertiser's ads on their web sites. You can earn 60% of the click bid rate for each genuine click from your site

Customizable ad display units

Create flexible and stylish ad units matching the design of your website or blog. Customize the look and feel of your ad units with a few mouse clicks from your control panel. You can choose to display text ads or banner ads (or both).

Monetizing from your websites/ Blogs/ Social networks 
Show ads in your search engines and content pages.   Customise ad units according your style   Gain revenue for every genuine click you receive.
Show ads on your search engine

The Ad Network allows you to create specific ad-display code for your search engine. When people search on your search engine, relevant text or banner ads for the search keyword may appear next to the search results.

Publish ads on your content pages

The Ad Network works with all types of web pages. We automatically identify the content and theme of your web pages and will show relevant ads. Your visitors will find these ads very useful and every time they click thru to the advertiser's site, you get paid!

Competitive Ad Filter

You can easily filter out competitors ads and choose websites to be opted out every time you create a new ad unit.

Fast withdrawal with PayPal

Raise request for cash withdrawal when you reach the minimum payout. Your withdrawal will be processed quickly through the secure PayPal gateway.

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