Is this site free?
Yes. (GoDesi.com) is free to use for as long as you wish, and contains small links or ads that are references to Google©, Facebook©, AOL©, Twitter© and Myspace©. If you wish to remove your membership at any time, you follow this link. Un-register.
How do I set my profile picture/Avatar?
Your profile picture is also called an Avatar. In order to change or set your site avatar, put your mouse over the "Account" link top right on page. On your Account page, click Avatar, which is on the left, second link "Avatar" click browse and upload the photo of your choice.

Where can I set my privacy options?
In order to change or set your site avatar, put your mouse over the "Account" link top right on page. On your Account page, click Avatar, which is on the left, second link "Privacy Groups" . Here you can customize who has access to all of your data. I recommend changing your default privacy settings to, at least, members so that non-members cannot access your information. On your profile page, click the Edit button to customize the privacy settings on your profile.
How does the matchmaker work?
The more profile information you enter, the higher the chances of our system matching you with someone whom your at least 85% compatible with...
How do I chat with someone?
There are several way to chat with another member, the Chat room, simple messenger, and video messenger. To simple message someone, you can hold your mouse over the member picture from the home page (allow a few seconds) and it will give you several options for that members, including chat. You can also visit the members profile and look under actions where you will see a chat option and video chat option. Note: The member MUST be online to see chat options.
How do I use my webcam in Chat/IM?
In order to user your webcam in the Chat room, click the Broadcast Video button at the bottom right of the chat window. You cannot use your webcam in "simple messenger", you will need to click the "Switch to video messenger" in order to broadcast your webcam.
How do I upload photos, videos, or music?
To upload media, you will need to go to the appropriate menu home option (Sounds, Photos, or Videos). From there, you will have option buttons at the top right that say "Add Album" and "My Albums". If you have not created an album, click the Add Album button. Create a title name, description, and choose your privacy level. Once that album and the link to "Add (media type)". From this page you will need to choose your up loader version (flash is set by default and should be fine). Select your file and wait for the upload to finish. You will need to make sure the title, description, tags and category are set before selecting submit. Videos uploaded to the site are not immediately available for viewing, they must be processed first.
Why do I see blank boxes that say private in the media galleries?
Members have the option to set the privacy level to ALL their media albums. If you see a blue lock, marked as private, then you do not have permission to view the media. You can contact that member via email and request permission to view the media.

How do I view all the photos that a specific member has?
The easiest way to view all photos uploaded by a specific member is to go to their profile page and scroll down until you see Photo Albums on the left/right. From there you can see all the member's photos albums and pictures.
How can I embed YouTube© Videos?
Click the Videos menu option. On the left you will see YOUR video albums. You can embed into an existing album or choose to create a new one using the steps above. Enter the album and click Add Video. In Choose Upload, use the drop down to choose embed. Paste in the URL for the YouTube© video as described and click continue. Note: You may need to click outside the box for the continue box to activate. Also, if the video description is too long, the video will not post.
What is Spy?
Spy is an activity feed that shows you what is going on with members at the site. You have the option to spy all members or just your friends.
How do I add new content?
From the bottom member menu, click the +. From here you will get a pop menu of what you can add.
What is the bar at the top/bottom of the webpage?
This member bar is similar to the one used in Facebook©. It gives you access to your IM Status, Status Message, Email, Notifications, Friends, Dashboard, Profile, Your settings, and a logout option.

What do the Red numbers mean on the member bar?
When you see a number on one of the icons (mail, Info (blue circle with the letter I), or Friends, this means that you have notifications available for viewing. The number by friends tells you how many friends you currently have online.
How do I post to my Timeline?
You can click the profile link top right OR your member bar. Choose Timeline. From there you can post your message, link, photo, video, or music to your wall. You can also access your wall from your profile page.
How can I edit my profile content?
The default profile content can be edited here.

How can I upload photos?
You can follow this link - Add Photos
How can I upload videos?
You can follow this link - Add Videos
How can I move my videos around, or change the order they are displayed?
You can follow this link - Manage Videos
How can I move my videos around to a different album?
You can follow this link - Move Videos
How can I post an Ad?
You follow this link Ads, Classifieds, where you can post ads and offer your products and support services. Ads will automatically run for thirty days, FREE!
How can I post my events?
You are welcome to post all your events and meetings in the Events section or the Calendar system or post to your personal events.