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Introduction & Info Advertise is an advanced ads management system. You have zones and keywords and ad types. Each of ad may be used in campaigns, each campaign has its own configuration and statistic. sells clicks and/or impressions and/or days to our advertisers. Additionally we have publishers - partners who place ads of our advertisers on their pages and earn money. These unique features allow us to create a complex advertising network.

What is ...

Zone - A place where you and/or our publishers display ads. You can use the same zone on one ads spot (if you need individual statistic for each spot) or on many ad spots, it's on you. 
Zones are also used by advertisers and publishers. Publishers make their offers in a zone, advertisers buy their impressions, clicks or days in a particular zone. A zone is a connection between advertisers and publishers.

Keyword - Another way to display ads on our pages. Advertisers can enter keywords to individual campaigns and the system reads keywords from the pages where is located the ad code. It reads the title tag of these pages and also the first 100 words in the body section. If some of these keywords is used in a campaign, the ad appears on that page.

Default ads - Ads which are displayed if there is no one "normal" ad available (which is enabled, approved, has clicks or impressions) for the required zone or keyword. Make sure to define at least one default ad for each zone and keyword. Default ads have some limitations (for example their clicks and impressions are not counted), we recommend to use them as little as possible.

Advertisers -Our customers who pay for clicks, impressions and/or days. They can submit their ads to the system and exactly set the days and hours when each of their ads should be displayed. They also can set how many clicks, impressions or days should be used by individual ads, they even can set Maximum number of clicks or impressions per day.

Publishers - Our partners who display ads on their pages for money. There are used "publishing places". Each publisher can have one or more places. The system is able to track hits only from the exact URL approved by admin or from the whole domain or from any place on the Net - it depends on your configuration. Publishers can be paid once or twice a month.

Users who referred new advertisers receive 6% COMMISSION as of Aug 2nd 2015