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Basic Resume Components

Personal Contact Information

Include your name, school address, phone, and e-mail address, permanent address and phone and the date at which you will be returning to your permanent address.


Career Objective

The objective describes the candidate's direction and purpose. It is also an indicator of organizational abilities. The objective should be short, concise, and focused on the position and/or industry you are targeting.



Include your degree(s) earned, college(s) attended, major(s), additional course concentrations or minors.  Also list your date of gradution and grade point average if it is a 3.0 or better. You may also want to include a section on related coursework listing any advanced courses you have completed that directly relate to the type of employment you are seeking. Computer skills could be included in this or a separate section. High school information should not be included.


Work Experience

This section should include the following information about your employment history: (1) position held; (2) name and location of organization; (3) dates employed; (4) job responsibilities; (5) demonstrated abilities or skills.

The use of "action words" such as "created," "planned," "analyzed," and "initiated" will go far in aiding your ability to create a positive and comprehensive description of your employment background. A listing of additional action words is included in this guide to assist you in making a persuasive presentation of your work experience.

Typically, employers are interested in work experience gained during college years. Internships, co-op programs, part-time work, work-study, volunteer positions and campus leadership positions should be listed here. In most cases, experiences during high school should be omitted from your resume, unless it supports your career objective.


Honors and Activities

Campus or community organizations and/or received academic honors should be included in your resume. Be certain to indicate in this section any leadership roles you have held such as elected offices, campus committees, and the like. Involvement of this type is particularly indicative of your ability and potential. Memberships in nationally recognized professional associations are also worthy of inclusion. Beware, however, of simply listing organizations to which you belonged but were not an active member in college. Most employers can spot mere "resume fillers" at a glance.


Interests (Optional)

If space permits, you may wish to include an interests section. Indicating your interests can provide employers with a more complete picture of your background and personality.



Most resume writing guides indicate that "references Available/Furnished Upon Request" is an acceptable means of providing recommendations for employers. Prepare a separate reference page completed in the same typeface and on the same paper as the resume, to submit if requested.