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Career Objectives

Sample Career Objectives

A position in industrial sales.
A marketing position where I can use my organizational skills and sales experience.
A position in technical sales in a diversified organization leading to a management career based on proven success and leadership.
An English teaching position at the secondary level where I may utilize my skills in speech and drama.
To use computer science training in software development for designing and implementing operating systems.
A public relations position with opportunities to develop and implement programs and events, and communicate positive ideas and images.
Retail management position which will utilize my sales/customer service experience and creative abilities for product display and merchandising.
A teaching position in an elementary school setting with primary emphasis on grades 3-6.
A position as a social worker dealing with the needs and problems of the elderly. Strengths include ability to evaluate needs, establish close relationships and perform individual and group therapy.
A position in operations accounting where I can use my strong technical training and interpersonal communication skills.
A retail management position.
A position in corporate communication using skills in writing and knowledge of printing, editing and layout. Am particularly interested in employee communications and training publications.
Laboratory research position in an industrial setting where I can utilize skills in chemical research and technical writing.
A professional staff position in human services, utilizing my counseling, administrative and human relations skills.
An entry level management position with First Union Corporation.