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Earn BitPoints BitPoints AND GIFTS AND AFFILIATE !!!

The best way to keep members interested in is to give them incentives for participating in site activities.
This is the PERFECT method to reward members. Give BitPoints  for all actions performed on the site.

Actions for which points are awarded or subtracted:

- Upload/remove photo
- Upload/remove music
- Upload/remove video
- Upload/remove file
- Add/remove a blog post
- Add/remove an advertisement
- Add/remove an event
- Add/remove a forum post
- Add/remove a forum reply
- Add/remove a site
- Add/remove a poll
- Add/remove a store product
- Add/remove a group
- Add/request a friend
- Login into the system
- Profile join
- Referral join
- Add an avatar
- Add an avatar by referrals
- Add comments
- Rate objects
- Post letters through Dolphin's inner mail

Key features:

* Gift Store. System of exchange of BitPoints against real gifts to the member !
* Ability to purchase BitPoints  using Paypal (Webmoney and gWallet).
* Daily limits to BitPoints  (which you can receive)
* Ability to purchase Membership using BitPoints .
* Ability to withdraw BitPoints  (and convert them into money).
* E-Gifts categories

Moreover, this product is integrated with:
the inviter.
It means that your invitation mails now contains an affiliate link. Every new member who was joined by your affiliate link - will become your referral.

New features:
* Homepage to send gifts
* Integration with Spy module 
* Gift store page 
* Friend request event is added

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