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Paid Gigs

This mod allows your members to share things they're willing to do (gigs) for a fee (which we have kept $5). 


Create a gig for a small service you are willing to offer.

Share your gig with the world.

You will be notified when your gig is ordered, and be asked to accept it.

Administration will collect a small service fee for each service ordered.

Administration will credit your paypal account periodically for all successfully delivered work.

You can flag specific orders as priority.

You can track all undelivered, pending review, fulfilled and cancelled orders.


Find a gig you like and order it.

Pay for the Service by PayPal or Credit Card.

Track your seller's work progress, exchange files and communicate.

Get your finished work.

After work delivery, flag an order as completed or ask for fixes from the seller.

Provide feedback and review.


Seller will provide a description of the service offered along with cost and optionally they can provide instructions to buyers.

Seller will state if the service offered is shippable or digital delivery.

Seller can post audio description of service

Seller can post video description of service or videos of work samples etc.

Seller can post photos of work samples etc.

Seller can post files of documentation, certificates etc.

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