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Resume Checklist

In critiquing your resume, ask the following questions:
Do you have your identifying information (name, address, e-mail, and telephone) as the heading of your resume?  (IS your e-mail address professional enough for future employers to use?)
Is your resume divided into major sections to show education, experience (internship, volunteer work, etc.) and is each section prominently labeled?
If you have included an employment objective, does the rest of the resume support the objective?
If yours is a chronological resume, have you listed the most recent experience first? Are your educational and experiential listings in reverse chronological order?
Have you shown a job title, name and location of employer,and dates of employment for each work experience?
Are descriptions of responsibilities and accomplishments in a bulleted format?
Are your work and related experiences written in concise statements? Do these statements emphasize skills and accomplishments?
Is it no more than one to two pages in length? (Check with your career advisor before you leave possibly important information off to keep it on one page).
Are there any typing, spelling, and grammatical errors?
Is it typed or printed on 8 l/2" x 11" paper of good quality?
Is the format attractive, with adequate margins and spacing? Have you used underlining, bold print, italics, or capitalization to highlight important information?
Does the resume present you in a positive manner? Does it reflect you as a person?
Have you had several people critique your resume? (Staff members in the Career Services Office should evaluate the effectiveness of your resume.)