Organic Henna Powder Wholesaler is a good source for people who wanted to get rid of their gray hair, and for people who are allergic to chemical creams. Generally, most of us use Henna for protecting our hair from sun and dust. Henna can make your hair strong and nourish it from roots for a silky and shiny hair.

Each shade of henna for hair color is created using three natural herbs like henna and indigo and Cassia (Cassia Auriculata). All are 100% plant material and completely chemical free: no metallic salts, no ammonia, no PPD!

Dark Brown Henna is the perfect color for people looking to deepen their natural shade of dark brown while adding shine and intensity to your hair color.

Brown Henna is the perfect color for people looking to enhance their natural shade of brown while adding shine and warmth to their hair color.

Soft Black Henna is the perfect color for people looking to deepen their already black hair and for people looking to darken their dark brown hair.

How to pick the Right Henna Powder for hair

There are a few things that are a must when choosing any henna powder:

  • Fresh- You must always buy fresh henna powder. If you want a great stain, don’t just grab henna off the shelf
  • Pure- Must contain no pesticides or chemicals. No PPD nor any other powders or ingredients. Only get 100% pure henna powder.
  • Consider Color- Henna comes in different colors depending on the region. So consider the color of henna while buying. Good quality henna comes in bright green color and as it gets old color fades to light brown
  • Finely sifted- No one wants sticks and sand in their hair. It is just too much trouble to wash out.

How to Apply Henna on Hair for Deep Conditioning

  • Gather your Supplies ie Fresh Henna Powder, 20 grams or 1/4 Cup.
  • Pour 20 grams of fresh henna powder into a small bowl.
  • Add 1/4 cup of strained fresh or bottled lemon juice.
  • Stir the henna and lemon juice until they are completely mixed together and no lumps of dry powder remain.
  • Henna should be allowed to sit after mixed for about half an hour to allow the dye to release. After that, applying it to your hair for anywhere from 2 to 3 hours is just fine. The longer you leave it on, the more color you will get out of it.

Benefits of Using Organic Henna for a Healthy Hair

  • Henna is a natural herbal powder which is mostly used for coloring hair.
  • Best Henna for Grey Hair Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers in India
  • It helps prevent dandruff & scalp itchiness and nourishes your scalp and hair by making it smooth and healthy.
  • Henna acts as a deep conditioner for your hair and helps it grow faster.
  • Henna for damaged hair with splits ends.
  • Henna for hair growth and reducing hair fall.

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