What Congress have to say on Mr Modi visit to USA

Actually no one is perfect but PM Modi have proved that, you don't need to be perfect to achieve your vision or aim high. Inspite of all -ve talk that some media channels done, US banning him initially from visiting USA, Opposition like Congress saying negative from day one. HE is shinning and proving good mentor for many. Lets see what others have to say on him

The Congress on Monday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of misusing his official visits abroad for private events. Party spokesperson Anand Sharma alleged that the

  1. Prime Minister was trying to appropriate a strong economy that he inherited.
  2. 'The Prime Minister has been completely ignored in US where the focus is on other leaders'
  3. Anand sharma also said that the PM figured nowhere on American news channels.
  4. He also said that contrary to the PM's claim, India has lost support for UNSC seat as US is ambivalent while Russia and China are opposed to it. Earlier, Russia and US were in support, he added.
  5. He accused PM of turning theatrical in his address in US but he has no achievements to show.
  6. 'The Prime Minister claimed in United States that India is a 8 trillion dollar economy in reality it is 2.5 trillion dollar economy and even China's nominal GDP is not 8 trillion dollar', he said. 

Somewhere down the line, one person trying to bring India on international platform, and Congress trying to pull triggers and finding holes in blanket. Congress needs to understand that its Country India that PM Modi representing and not himself or his family or his company so before they speak and make point, they need to check there wallets . When last time anyone from Congress party came and appreciated India...

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PM Modi. What Congress have to say on Mr Modi