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Owner: Awesome Events - Concerts - NY / NJ / CT / PA
Link: Quiet Clubbing Party Cruise

In partnership with CircleLive Summer Music Series, Quiet Events brings you the ultimate NYC party experience; Quiet Clubbing Cruise Parties. 3 Live DJs, 2 Floors, 1 massive ship. Youll party in spots you never imaged like around the Statue of Liberty and even under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Circle Line Cruises is NYCs premier party cruise. With 2 bars, kitchen, a massive outdoor top deck & indoor dance floor this party is sure to be wild. This is not your normal "boat party"....this is the real deal!

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Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises, New York, Pier 83, West 42nd Street & 12th Avenue, United States
Date start31.07.2016 21:30
Date end01.08.2016 00:00
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Quiet Clubbing Party Cruise