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Owner: Awesome Adventures
Link: Summer 2016 - Hamptons, Fire Island Club & Getaway - hosted by, Awesome Adventures and Date Walking


Pick your destination - the Hamptons, Fire Island and Club Getaway - and make your own custom schedule!

Summer 2016 is a record breaking season with 25 trips across 13 weekends at 3 destinations!

12 weekends in the Hamptons. 4 in Fire Island and 9 at Club Getaway! We will host 700 to 800 guests across all the trips!!

Take the first step. Email with your phone number and the best time to reach you and we will contact you to discuss further. We handpick all our summer guests.

Now that spring is here everyone is eager to make their summer plans...if they havent already! Prices go up each week and availability is getting tight on a # of weekends.

Heres the complete schedule: (Availability subject to change.)

► Memorial Day: Ocean Beach, Fire Island
► Memorial Day: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► Memorial Day: Club Getaway
► June 24: Ocean Beach, Fire Island
► June 24: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► June 24: Club Getaway - SOLD OUT
► July 4th: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► July 4th: Club Getaway
► July 8th: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► July 15th: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel - SOLD OUT
► July 15th: Club Getaway Sports, Fun & Adventure
► July 22nd: Ocean Beach, Fire Island
► July 22nd: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► July 22nd: Club Getaway Young Pros (ages 20s & 30s)
► July 29th: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► July 29th: Club Getaway J Weekend
► August 5th: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► August 5th: Club Getaway Sports, Fun & Adventure
► August 12th: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► August 12th: Club Getaway Young Pros (ages 20s & 30s)
► August 19th: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► August 26th: Ocean Beach, Fire Island
► August 26th: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► Labor Day: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► Labor Day: Club Getaway
► October 7th: Club Getaway Fall Finale

Hamptons: We have 11 weekends left (1 weekend is sold out) at our stunning oceanfront hotel located in between Amagansett and Montauk. Join 50 to 60 guests for unforgettable weekend vacation!

Fire Island: Join us for any of four weekends at our beautiful house in Ocean Beach! Fire Island fills up faster than any other destination, so reserve your spot today.

Club Getaway: Our guests enjoy Upgraded Cabins with fully-stocked fridges, private bonfire, reserved dinner seating and other special perks.
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Summer 2016 - Hamptons, Fire Island Club & Getaway - hosted by, Awesome Adventures