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24/7 Prayer Wheel
Gig Cost: $40
Delivers In: 30 days
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The 24/7 Prayer Wheel program is a sophisticated computerized prayer wheel that broadcasts a shield of protective information. Utilizing the spinning magnetic disk on the hard drive of a computer, the Quantum prayer wheel is able to transmit a constant broadcast of affirmations, blessings and prayers by subtle frequencies at a rate of over 5 million prayers per minute.
The Prayer Wheel can interface with every part of your body, mind, spirit, and field surrounding you for up to 11 dimensions considering the mathematical algorithms involved in the programming and coding. This program is infused with the power of the spoken and written word, combined with the energy of the spinning vortex of quantum computing and the merging of intentions from the sender, the receiver, the programmer and the archangels. Prayer also produces great purification of negative karma and entities

Monthly use of the 24/7 prayer program is beneficial to improve the energy of people, pets, homes, businesses, or any other places.

$40 one month

$210 six months

Prayer wheel