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Aura is derived from the Latin word meaning Light - it is a luminous energy field that surrounds living beings 
1 Etheric - Physical 
2 Emotional 
3 Mental 
4 Astral 
5 Manifestation - Etheric template 
6 Celestial 
7 Ketheric 

Our light bodies have 21 minor and 7 major energy centers within and 2 without which are called Chakras. The origin is from Sanskrit etymology for "wheel" or "disk". The Major Chakras can be as much as 10 to 12 cm from their heart into the Aura and reach diameters of 12 to 14 cm. The Minor Chakras only reach about 7 – 8 cm in diameter. The seven major Chakras have their own distinct color, rhythm, and relates to an aspect of our being. The chakras correlate to levels of consciousness, body functions, elements, and sounds. When there is a blockage or energetic dysfunction in the chakras, it can be an indication of an emotional, physiological, mental, or spiritual imbalance.

Twelve meridians according to their corresponding organs, limb positions and yin yang properties- 
Three arm yin meridians - Lungs, pericardium, heart 
Three arm yang meridians - Large intestine, triple burner, small intestine 
Three leg yang meridians - Stomach, gall bladder, bladder 
three leg yin meridians - Spleen, liver, kidney 

The triple burner and the pericardium are functional units in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The organs have a broader meaning in TCM than what is thought of in western medicine. The twelve meridians that make up the majority of the Meridian System, are known as the regular or principal channels. 

Our Energy field can become out of balance from a number of sources such as cell phones, microwaves, events in our lives, unhealthy relationships, loss of loved ones, adverse energy fields in the environment or from energetic parasites, attachments, psychic attacks, etc... 
Symptoms of fatigue, stress, heaviness, or trauma may be experienced. 

Cleansing and Synchronizing the Energy field can clear the path for creativity, abundance and joy!

Remote therapy for people or pets available worldwide

Aura & Chakra Balance