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Islamic Center of Northeast Florida
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The following are the six articles of faith in Islam. These are the basic beliefs that one must have in order to be considered a true Muslim. They are:

Belief in God Almighty; that he is the Creator, Sustainer, and the only one that controls and holds dominion over all of creation. Belief in Him requires recognizing that because of the previous He Almighty is the only one worthy of our devotion, supplications, and worship.

Belief in all the Prophets of God; Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, and Muhammad (Peace and Blessing Upon Them All), as well as those not mentioned. We believe in all of them, recognize their mission, and follow them in their message.

Belief in the original scriptures revealed by God Almighty to his Prophets; the Torah having been given to Moses, the Psalms to David, the Gospel to Jesus, and the Quran given to Muhammad (Peace and Blessing Upon Them All). All of these scriptures are recognized by Muslims as revelation. The Quran, God’s Almighty's final revelation is a culmination of message of the previous scriptures; it is a standard by which we live by containing eternal guidance for the salvation of Mankind.

Belief in the angels; that they are the unseen servants of God Almighty's, implementing his will and watching over mankind.

Belief in the Day of Judgment and the Hereafter; that all of mankind will be called to account for their deeds, and be righteously judged accordingly on the last day.

Belief in Divine design and decree; that God Almighty's has knowledge of all things, has written all things, and all things he has willed must come to pass.

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CountryUnited States
Address 1Islamic Center of NE Florida, 2333 St. John's Bluff Rd S Jacksonville, FL
Zip/Postal Code32246
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Telephone(904) 646-3462
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