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Jain Religion Center of Wisconsin
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Prayer and practices: The sacred Jain

prayer, called the Namokar Mantra, reveres the

five types of great souls: Arihant (enlightened

souls), Siddha (liberated souls), Acharya (heads

of congregation), Upadhyaya (ascetic teachers),

Sadhu (ascetics). Many Jains symbolically or ritually

worship the Tirthankars. Such reverence is

never geared for worldly favors or grace, but is

rather a personal inspiration to actually follow

the very same path shown by those spiritual


Daily spiritual practices also include

Samayik (meditation), Pratikrarnan(confessing

past sins, bad thoughts and deeds; and seeking

forgiveness), Svadhyaya (reading of Jain scriptures),

and Pratyakhyan (taking vows renouncing

certain activities to discipline oneself). Other

practices include fasting, holding religious discourses,

reciting sacred texts, alms giving, and

singing prayer songs.

Scriptures: Lord Mahavir's teachings were

orally compiled and passed on through the generations.

Later, these teachings called Agam

Sutras were recorded on leafs. Additional scriptures

followed by Jains are: Shatkhand-Agam,

Kasaya-Pahud, and Anuyogas.

Jainism worldwide: Jains are a distinguished

minority in India. Jains also live in many

countries around the world, with larger communities

in North America, eastern Africa and UK.

Over 100,000 followers of Jainism live in the

USA and Canada. As of 2010, North America

has been home to 67 Jain temples and centers.

More Information: Details on Jainism

and its principles can be obtained from the Federation

of Jain Associations in North America


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