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Paschima Kasi Temple
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In Hindu mythology, Shiva is one of the three forms of God (Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh). The Parmatama or spirit or what is called as GOD can be classified as a mixture of three forces representing Generator, (creator or brahma); Organizer; (maintainer or Vishnu); Destroyer (winding up or Mahesh or Shiva).The same three forces are also present inside our body to perform any work, which can be linked to create or generate the idea, maintain or organise the contents of the idea, and then destroy or wind up so that new work can be undertaken through Ganesha – the Lord of new happenings.

Shiva is a principle (Tattva) from where everything has come, everything is sustained in it, and everything dissolves into it. Shiva is the space, it is the consciousness. There is no way that you can even step out of Shiva at anytime because Shiva is the summun bonum of the whole creation. That is why Shiva’s body is depicted in blue because blue signifies the sky; the all pervading infinity which has no limits, and no shape.

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