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Sikh Society of Minnesota
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The Gurdwara is open everyday to everyone. Sikhism believes in equality, during the service everyone sits down together on the carpeted floor in the Diwan hall.

The Gurdwara is managed by an executive board of Sikh Society of Minnesota, elected from the members of the sangat (congregation). Through this committee, the sangat sets the governing rules for the Gurdwara.

The rules that should be followed on the Gurdwara premises are:

  • Remove your shoes before entering the Diwan/Main Hall.Shoe racks are available inside the entrance hall of the Gurdwara.

  • Cover your head at all times inside the Gurdwara.

  • It is recomended to bow in front of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji when joining the sangat (congregation) inside the Diwan/Main Hall.

  • Everyone in good health condition sits cross-legged on the carpeted floor facing the Guru Granth Sahib Ji when inside the Diwan/Main Hall. There are benches available for people with medical condition or are older that may not be able to sit down on carpet.

  • Everyone stands up during the Ardas (common prayer to God).

  • Switch off any mobile phone before entering the Diwan hall.

  • No alcohol, tobacco, smoking or meat is allowed on the Gurdwara premises.

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