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Sri Venketeswara Lotus Temple
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SV Lotus Temple is pleased to announce that the much awaited construction of shrine for Lord "Sri Venkateswara" is nearing completion in Spring 2016. The temple is in the form of Lotus with petals suspended in the pond. The chosen design of the Lotus flower personifies serenity, grandeur and wealth, is also the seat or asanam for all gods and goddesses. What started off as a humble thought is now set to blossom into a magnificent temple in the form of open Lotus with 24 petals signifying 24 Kesava Namas for Sriman Narayana. Lord Srinivasa, seated in this open Lotus, is a unique and monumental structure which will become a landmark in the Washington DC Metro Area.

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Business Location
CountryUnited States
Address 112501 Braddock Road, Fairfax, VA
Zip/Postal Code22030
Business Contact
Telephone 703-815-4850
20.02.2016 (20.02.2016)
Opps. Its empty!!