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Astrology is a very powerful subject which deals in exploring hidden traits of any native’s life pertaining to his past, present and future events as designed by destiny for that native. The cycle of birth and death continues and one has to suffer for bad and enjoy for good deeds done by him. The good karma does not neutralize bad karma effect, so one goes thru good & bad times directly proportion to his quality of accumulated karma of past one or many life. The quality & timings of events of any native’s life can be explored by analyzing the resultant effects of planets, nakshtras, Tithi, Karaka,transits and many other important factors by any learned, genuine, competitive & honest astrologer. This is entirely the judgement/ thinking of every native individually to believe in astrology or not. Sometimes  native start believing in it when their personal life events are unfolded by any learned and genuine astrologer who can reveal most of hidden secrets of one’s life by true in -depth analysis of concerned native’s horoscopes. It is very true that astrology predictions are not like mathematics or any science whose results are  100% accurate, consistent and  guaranteed. Astrology predictions provide very close clues and indications as to what kind of events may occur in any native’s present life with indications on most probable period of such events as well. For example, when likely one may get job, get married, have promotion, have children, make fortune , make own house, settle overseas etc.etc.By getting aware of such likely events beforehand, native can plan suitable important decisions and take timely precautions and remedies for unfavorable expected phases /events. In view of this, astrology seems to be very useful tool to natives who believe in astrology subject.

Sharmaji ( Aditya Sharma, Email : adityanj@msn.com) is a very learned ,successful and highly appreciated professional astrologer who has more than Twenty Five years experience of making and analyzing horoscope charts of natives based on the birth details as provided to him and his predictions have been found to be almost consistently accurate. Sharmaji has been always positively recommended by all of his clients and that can be judged on “comments” and “reviews” section of this website which has visitors from more than 85 countries and has received more than 270 positive reviews in a short period of time and new reviews continue adding up every day.

Sharmaji has undergone years of learning in Hindu Vedic Astrology from various learned astrologers gurus in Allahabad in India . Sharmaji provides consistently quite accurate predictions using maximum divisional charts that very few other astrologers normally will do.During last twenty five years Sharmaji analyzed more than 3000 horoscope and provided numerous accurate predictions for his clients those also include few leading Industrialists and Bollywood personalities. Sharmaji is very experienced & successful astrologer but still keeps himself away from coming in to any limelight as he believes in quality of work mainly.

In this website,Sharmaji’s article “About Astrology” and  the post ” Late Marriage” and “Good Luck Analysis ” and ” Drinking Habit” is worth reading where he has explained logically about astrology and its application in our daily life.He has explained in the “live feed” section in a very beautiful manner about 27 Nakshtras as to how any native who is not much familiar with astrology can take best advantage of Nakshtra for personal daily use.Sharmaji has elaborated for each Nakshtra trait that is auspicious or inauspicious for any activity on a specific day when that day specific Nakshtra is ruler, also what kind of profession is suitable for a native based on the major influence of a particular nakshtra on that native.

In order to know whether a specific day is auspicious or inauspicious for any important activity that you wish to do on that specific day, just type in ” Type your search” the name of Nakshtra that is ruler of that particular day of your choice. For Example,if you wish to know how Pushya Nakshtra will effect, in such case just type ” Nakshtra Pushya role” in “Type your search” and click. You will get complete details on Pushya Nakshtra. This may be very useful for planning each day activity in advance by knowing traits of ruling Nakshtra of  that specific day.

Sharmaji keeps adding new post every week which is very helpful to natives interested in astrology. Recently SharmaJi added recently an interesting  post titled as “Physical Compatibility chart” that he found very useful for the marriage partners physical happiness assessment based on the Yoni of both the partners.He has allocated compatibility numbers 0 to 4 ,the higher the compatibility number, better he found physical relationship among couples.He has found its results quite accurate on more than 80% of horoscopes those he dealt in last many years. This can certainly be useful for anyone who wishes or interested to know physical compatibility with life partner.

Sharmaji provides FREE gem recommendation to interested natives once they provide their birth details on “ Your Gem questions”  section on this website only.

.What makes Sharmaji different from other astrologers?

Sharmaji is highly educated, he is a  Post Graduate in Business Economics (M.B.E), He has extensively traveled India  & Europe and now Sharmaji is citizen of USA. Such high professional educational background and exposure to vast places provides him great capability to understand and assess natives of different background and culture much better. Sharmaji style of explaining analysis is very unique as he writes all explanations to derive conclusions and emails to concerned native, also keeps records of analysis & horoscope charts so that native can easily consult him even after many years.

Sharmaji maintains his two oaths very strictly.(1) He is very honest and transparent in informing his analysis with whatever best capability he has acquired, he never gives any wrong information in order to please or depress any native. (2) He maintains horoscope analysis of every individual highly confidential. He has analyzed more than 90% horoscopes of such persons whom he had never met before analyzing their horoscopes. Still on date Sharmaji prefers to do horoscope analysis of such natives whom he has never met earlier.

Sharmaji may he contacted at his email address: adityanj@msn.com for all horoscope related consultations.


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