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If you need advanced information about your specific health situation, we can arrange for a consultation with Dr Kumar. Dr Kumar has extensive experience in helping patients achieve better health.

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What Dr Kumar specializes into?


Dr Kumar helps with natural herbal supplements.He cure the patients who are sick &  tired of modern medicines & there side effects by combining modern techniques & complimentry alternative medicines in a natural herbal way.Natural therapy is a permanent therapy with no side effects for all  chronic illnessesbecause it goes to the root cause of the disease throwing out all toxins and oxidants from the body giving you a new GOD gifted natural body. All chronic diseases e.g. Asthma,Anxiety,Allergy.Baldness,Bronchitis,Cervical-spondylitis,Cholesterol,Constipation,Cardiovascular diseases,Depression,DIABETES,Diarrhoea,Detoxification of liver & kidney,Epilepsy,FEMALE-STERLITY,Gastritis,Gall bladder stones,Heart Burn,HyperHypo Tension,IMPOTENCY,Insomnia,Kidney stones,Muscular & back pains,Nausea & Vomiting,Obesity,Prostate condition,Sciatica,Sexuality,Stomach ulcer,STRESS,Uric Acid[Gout & Arthritis],Vertebral coloumn.Vertigo.VITILIGO,Warts,Wrikles,& so on are treated with Natural Herbal Supplements & Ayurvedic Drainage & Complimentry Alternative Medicine.
Family History in Hikmat,Desi Dawa,Unani

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Dr. Kumar- Back Pain (Kamar Dard)
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Tue, 15 Dec 2009 20:01:22 +0000
Image via Wikipedia The liver is considered to be the “check-post” of the body. It is the largest glandular organ in the human body. The liver has more functions than any other gland in the body. The human blood passes through the liver to several times a day to get filtered or detoxified. This is […]
Tue, 15 Dec 2009 20:00:53 +0000
Image via Wikipedia Herbal Remedies: Cardocare A complete cardiac tonic made from over 16 herbs which strengthens the ailing heart. CARDOCARE capsules are effective in strengthening the Heart Muscles, controlling Blood Pressure, maintaining the normal Pulse Rate and other Heart Diseases.It helps regulate blood pressure and maintains the balance between supply and demand of myocardial […]
Tue, 15 Dec 2009 19:54:25 +0000
Image via Wikipedia The legs are important part of the body. They bear the weight and enables person to move. Legs are therefore made stronger than the hands by default. The body’s biggest and also perhaps the strongest muscles are also present in legs named as sartorius. They are none other than the thigh muscles. […]
Tue, 15 Dec 2009 19:50:52 +0000
Image via Wikipedia Weight loss means decrease in the body weight. It could be done by diet, exercise and by burning fats. There are two types of weight loss programs. * Voluntary Weight Loss * And Involuntary Weight Loss Voluntary Weight Loss: Voluntary weight loss connotes losing weight due to the loss of fats in […]
Wed, 28 Oct 2009 03:28:27 +0000
Image by Getty Images via Daylife 28 YEARS EXPERIENCE TREATMENT BY: Natural, Unani, Herbal, (Ayurvedic & Natural Medicine) Manufactured in America After Great Research HIS SPECIALTY INCLUDES: SEX SPECIALIST, DIABETES SPECIALIST Permanent Relief in Back Pain, Specialist in Herniated Disc, Joint Pain, Weight Loss, Migrains, Cervical Spondylitis, Skin Allergy, High Cholesteral,H/L BP, Allergy, Depression BRAIN […]
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