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Key Words For Resume

Key Words For Resume and Cover Letter Construction

Action Verbs

accelerated activated adapted administered analyzed
approved assisted completed conceived conduced
controlled coordinated created delegated developed
directed eliminated established evaluated expanded
expedited experienced expanded facilitated generated
implemented improved increased influenced initiated
interpreted launched lead lectured maintained
managed mastered motivated organized originated
participated performed pinpointed planned prepared
programmed proposed proved recommended reduced
reinforced revamped reviewed revised scheduled
set-up simplified solved streamlined structured
supervised supported taught trained worked
removed reorganized repeated responsible  
Self-descriptive Words

Self-descriptive Words

accurately active adaptable adept aggressive
alert ambitious analytical assertive astute
attentive aware broad-minded challenging competent
conscientious consistent constructive contributor creative
dependable determined diplomatic disciplined discreet
diverse dynamic easily economical efficient
energetic enterprising enthusiastic exceptional experienced
expertise extensively extraverted facilitator fair
forceful foresight high-level honest imaginative
independent initiative innovative instrumental insightful
leading logical loyal mature methodical
objective optimistic participated perceptive personable
pioneering pleasant positive practical productive
readily realistic reliable repeatedly resourceful
responsible responsive self-reliant sensitive sincere
sophisticated strongly systematic tactful talented
unique versatile vigorous will travel will relocated
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I am working as a manager in Chetram Voyages, since 2013. The firm is of my uncle who has been offer…
30.09.2017 · From pratapsingh
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