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Through the use of top social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, companies are getting creative and effective new ways to stay in contact with their customers and also build a personable brand in the process. Some companies are doing this wrong, while others are excelling to top of the social marketing latter. No matter what type of business or brand you currently have, it’s important that you follow these tips for proper etiquette and social marketing usage on Twitter.

The majority of this post will focus on the concepts of creating, branding and promoting your own ecommerce this. These tips will work whether you have an existing online store, or looking to start a new one of your own.

Once you have set up your website with your chosen ecommerce software, you need to take advantage of online promotional techniques using social media, such as Twitter.

Twitter can be invaluable to your business, as long as your tweets are interesting and pertinent.

Here are some top tips to get you started.

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Tips on Promoting Your eCommerce Business Using Twitter - Zac Johnson