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Welcome! You are on the Virani Jeweler’s website, launched by Aqib Virani. In 1987, his father, I.J. Virani founded the first of four jewelry stores in Iselin, New Jersey. Our growth over three decades stands testament to the family’s value of loyalty towards customers, most of whom are friends.

This Virani story goes back to Aqib Virani’s grandfather—to 1947, in newly independent India. It was an important and tumultuous time in South Asia and as the dust settled, everyone was building a new life.

I.J. Virani moved to Goa, “to earn bread and to better his family’s life”. He found that even if you have no money, someone will help you. You still have your character. And so, every “ordinary” man or woman holds extraordinary power! If you are reading this, it is a personal message from the Virani family recognizing this same thing in you!

I.J. Virani started an ice cream business and was known to be ‘imandari’, hard working, true to his word. ‘Loyalty’ towards another human was, for I.J Virani, the fulfillment of the arc of trust. The trust that he received, he put back into the community by funding Lokvishwas Pratishthan's Virani-Isani High School for Hearing and Speech Impaired Children.

I.J. ViraniHis son, I. Virani explored sources of wholesale diamonds and gold while in India. I. Virani’s vision was that by making the effort to connect with sources of jewelry, he could offer individual buyers, competitive prices.

He wanted to do the tedious job of setting up prestigious wholesale alliances so that, years later,  he could hand select the best designs and flawless diamonds from his own, vast collection of high quality diamonds, gems, and 22 karat gold ornaments! All of this benefits the individual in terms of price, but also value!

Like his father, I. Virani’s inborn nature was to thrive: live and prosper! He moved to the United States in the 1980s. In those days, South Asians on the east coast were slowly coming together as a community. Virani served as a family jeweler, allowing South Asians of different backgrounds to celebrate birthdays, weddings or invest in family assets with the ease. Gold and diamond jewelry has an enduring place in people’s lives. We have created remarkable bonds with patrons over the years who return often and shop exclusively with us.

Referrals from our patrons is the impressive reason we expanded from one to four stores! From the early days of Aqib’s grandfather, the original source of abundance for the Virani Jewelers remains the same: one’s character and hard work.

Today, we bring jewelry from their place of origin in India, Dubai, Italy, Turkey and Hong Kong and sell only the best pieces in our stores, and now online! 

As a young entrepreneur, Aqib Virani combines the new generation’s taste in fashion and style with the classic beauty of pure gold. He is merging the desire for simpler, modern pieces with a love for pure assets that accrue value throughout time. Being in the gold and diamond business his whole life, Aqib’s aim of keeping collections current, embodies the meaning of tradition itself.

All cultures around the world, recognize that certain human experiences are universal. So, rather than reinvent the wheel, we take the best from the past and get rid of what is not usable. Young people wear different clothes than their ancestors, they work professionally in public spaces that are faster paced and crowded….so of course their diamond and pure gold jewelry will be designed differently!

Hence, Aqib examined the meaning of ‘tradition’ and saw no clash with modernity. Tradition is timeless, yet flexible enough to welcome the new and present, benefitting from wisdom of the past. This is where he adds to the value of his father’s hard earned connections with his ke